How to use the script to reroll abilities

Using script is simple. First, it is necessary to start Baldur's Gate in windowed mode. Then you can run the script.

Run everything

You can place Baldur's Gate and BG trash can windows on screen next to each other, to see information in both of them at the same time.

When script starts it shows window with short usage information.

Short usage info

After carefully reading information in this window and clicking on OK button, it will ask if abilities selection page is active.

Abilities selection is active?

If abilities selection page is active, you can click on Yes, or if you want to stop the script, you can click Cancel.

Script will click on some buttons in abilities selection page and then will ask if you want to continue rolling.

Continue rolling?

If you choose to continue, it will click some more buttons on abilities selection page, then it will ask if you want to maximize strength - this is useful for fighter, ranger and paladin (and for any other character with strength like 18/xx).

Strength type

Then it will start hitting Reroll button, reading current ability values and possibly trying to read strength value for complex strength like 18/xx. If it does not know current strength value, it will ask you about it

Learning strength

If you accidentally enter wrong value, which is already cached by script, it will ask you what to do

Strength already cached

If you choose not to reenter strength value, it will add strength value into cache again and rerolling process may go wrong - at least it may select wrong strength value as best strength.

If you have set limits in configuration by number of iterations or execution time, it may show the following dialogs

Limited by number of iterations

Limited by execution time

You can choose to cancel execution of script, stop rerolling process for current character, or don't stop rerolling, in which case it will roll abilities again, continuing from current best combination.

When rerolling is stopped, it will recall previously stored best combination and will try to make good abilities combination, but because best combination is different for different character classes, you may want to redistribute points between abilities.

You can press PAUSE/BREAK key at any time and script will pause execution and ask for directions (but if another dialog is active, then it will pause when this dialog is closed).

Script paused

In paused mode, you can choose to cancel script execution, restart abilities rolling process, or continue rolling. Before exiting from pause mode it will read configuration values from ini-file (except for strength cache and maybe some other insignificant parameters), so you have a chance to change some parameters, like execution limits or delays.

Now you can go back to the main page and read some more or download script and try it for yourself.

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