Script to reroll abilities in Baldur's Gate game

This AutoIt3 script can be used to reroll abilities in Baldur's Gate game. It was written for original Baldur's Gate and may work for other Baldur's Gate games with little or no modifications.

It is very simple to use. Read here for more information.

Its behavior can be customized by changing parameters in .ini file. Read here about available configuration parameters.

Some tips on using this script are collected here.

If you want some technical details about this script, you can find them here.

You can see script in action here: learning strength (3MB) and character generation (3.6MB).

Script can be downloaded here: source code and executable file.
Here is ini file with strength cache. If it does not work for you, try to remove ini file or just remove Cache section.
First version of the script is also available: source code and executable file.

And here is a dialog with short instructions from script itself:

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